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Daily Mantras for a Peaceful Life

Mantras are a collection of positive, declarative statements meant to help focus and manifest positive energy in your life. Mantras are great because they help us to replace unhelpful thoughts with helpful ones, destructive habits with constructive ones. Here are three Daily Mantras to help you in your day-to-day life.

Daily Mantras for a Peaceful Life | WellnessForReality.com

I created these three Daily Mantras for a Peaceful Life to help boost your confidence, self-esteem, and general feeling of well-being. There’s one for when you wake up in the morning, one to practice throughout the day, and one to be said in the evening when your day is done.

The purpose of using mantras is to help us focus our thoughts and energy on a particular goal. When we repeat our particular mantra, we are actively replacing unhelpful and indefinite thoughts with productive and finite thoughts. In response to consistently using mantras, our mind and thoughts will begin to work towards our particular goal of choice. Mantras can even help us undo habitual negative thoughts – thoughts that have become an unconscious part of our daily thought processes – by slowly replacing them with new positive and goal-oriented thoughts.

The power behind mantras lies in how consistently we use them. trying to use all three is great, but don’t get too focused on the quantity that you miss out on quality. It’s just as helpful to choose only one that speaks to you, and repeat it consistently each day. Choose whatever works best for you and your lifestyle.

I have also have made some cute, easy-to-print cards that you can put in your wallet, purse or bag. Feel free to use them as often as you like. Keep them handy for quick reference whenever you are feeling tired, sad, overwhelmed, or could just use a motivational boost.

And if you’re looking for a peaceful place to practice your morning and evening mantras, check out How to Create a Meditation + Yoga Space to create your own personal area for reflection, peace, and growth!


Daily Mantras | WellnessForReality.com

Morning Mantra

Thank you another day.
I am well in mind.
I am well in body.
I am well in spirit.
l work towards the highest and best,
for myself and those around me.
My gratitude abounds.

Daily Mantras | WellnessForReality.com

Daily Mantra

I am thankful with each breath.
I inhale love.
I exhale love.
I recognize the infinite connection all life has,
and am grateful to be part of it.
All is well in my heart and soul.

Daily Mantras | WellnessForReality.com

Bedtime Mantra

I am thankful.
I am loving.
I am as abundant as the earth.
I am as authentic as the spirit.
I am as infinite as the universe.
I am grateful for another day.

Here are your free printable downloads of the three Daily Mantras above. Click the button to download and print your own copies. They are handy to print smaller so they fit in you wallet or pocket, or print them larger to hang around your house.

I hope they help to bring you peace throughout your day. Let us know in the comments how you enjoyed using them!

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