DIY Rainbow Dash Face Paint Tutorial |

DIY Rainbow Dash Face Paint Tutorial

Like so many little kids, my 5 year old loves Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. Recently she wanted her face painted, and when I asked what she wanted, of course she said Rainbow Dash. I’d never done face paint before, so I was slightly nervous about it. But we watched a few videos, and it turned out great. Here’s a step by step of what we did!

DIY Rainbow Dash Face Paint Tutorial |

I ordered a kids face paint kit off Amazon and was very happy with it. We used B&E Artt Face Painting Kit for Kids & Adults. This kit came with 12 bright colors, 40 stencils, body jewels, 3 brushes and 2 sponge pads (though I used my own makeup sponges). It is professional body paint and safe on sensitive skin, so I can’t say how this would work with different makeup. This kit worked great though. It went on my 5 year olds face easily, didn’t smear much, and lasted for most of the day.

We started off by drawing the Rainbow Dash cutie mark under her eye. She also wanted green, so we added that as the final color. You want to go slow so you don’t smear the colors. I started about a 1/4 in. under her eye, to make sure I didn’t get any in her eye. Then, I took the blue and drew a small line down (at an angle towards her nose), then a small line back up (at an angle towards the outer corner of her eye), and finally a longer line back down. I then repeated with the pink, yellow, and green paint.

*Note: It gets harder to fit the top of the lighting bolts into the small space under the eye. Go slow, follow your blue line as a guide, and don’t worry if it isn’t perfect.

DIY Rainbow Dash Face Paint |
First, paint the rainbow cutie mark under the eye.

Once I drew the cutie mark, I took a makeup sponge and put white paint all over her face, being careful not to get it in her eyes, nose, or mouth. I was careful going around the cutie mark, so I didn’t smear it with the makeup sponge. Next, I took blue face paint and used the makeup sponge to go over all the white with blue paint.

DIY Rainbow Dash Face Paint |
Paint the face blue, carefully going around the cutie mark.

She wanted another cutie mark on the other side that had the cloud like Rainbow Dash. I took white face paint on a brush, and started by creating the top of the clouds. I basically drew 3 circles, a big one in the center and 2 smaller ones on each side. Then I connected them by drawing a bottom line and filling in any spots I missed. Then I repeated my process for the lighting bolts that I used under the other eye, making sure not to mix the colors into the white cloud.

DIY Rainbow Dash Face Paint |
Add cloud and second rainbow cutie mark.

Finally, I carefully traced the cloud using black paint and a brush. I went slow and just used the tip of the brush. I also added a few swirls just for fun!

DIY Rainbow Dash Face Paint |
Gently outline the cloud in black, adding a few swirls if you would like.

Here’s the finished product, complete with Rainbow Dash pajamas! Our face paint kit also included some cute jewels, so we added those on her forehead above her eyebrows. She loved it and had a great time running around the house as Rainbow Dash!

I was a little intimidated to try the Rainbow Dash face paint at first, but it was a lot of fun for both of us and it turned out great! I hope this Rainbow Dash face paint tutorial was helpful and that it inspires you to try it yourself.

Leave us a pic in the comments of your cute little one as Rainbow Dash and let us know how you liked the tutorial!

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