Balloon Meditation for Emotional Release |

Meditation for Emotional Release

Everyone needs some time to decompress every once in a while. This simple meditation is a wonderful way to release those pent-up emotions. As humans, emotions tend to build up inside all of us. From small inconveniences to major disruptions and disagreements, we hold onto many unnecessary emotion. We do ourselves a disservice by holding onto the many emotions that arise on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis. This Balloon Meditation for Emotional Release is an easy and effective way to let go of emotions that do not serve our highest and best.

Balloon meditation:

Imagine yourself standing in an open field. You have an empty balloon in your hand. You look around and realize you are alone. There is peace all around you. Think of a particular situation that is bothering you ,and begin to blow into the balloon. As you fill it up, take all the emotions you feel with your situation (grief, anger, resentment, frustration, guilt, etc.) and pour them into the balloon.

As you do this, imagine the balloon continues to grow in size, easily able to hold all that you pour into it. It won’t brake in your hand no matter how much you fill it. Think of all the thoughts, feeling and emotions that occurs with your situation, and let them all flow into the balloon as you blow.

Continue filling the balloon with your thoughts and emotions until they are exhausted,Balloon Meditation for Emotional Release | and no more is left within you.  Now imagine the balloon tied and secured, with a beautiful ribbon hanging from it. You are holding onto the ribbon of  this balloon with ease, no matter the size or weight.

Now say, “I release you, for the highest and best”, and allow the ribbon and balloon to slip from your hand. Watch as it drifts into the sky, rising and rising high into the atmosphere. As it become just a spec in the sky, it bursts into a million tiny pieces like a firework. Beautiful colors of fire and glitter fill the sky. You admire their beauty as they dissipate and disappear into nothingness, to be recycled and reused by the earth and sky.

Stare into the sky until it is once again clear and calm. Take a deep breath of appreciation, and sit down on the grass. Sit for a while in calm and thankfulness. Finally when you are ready, take a deep breath,  breathing in gratitude and exhaling gratitude. Slowly open your eyes and return to your current reality. Go in peace.

This is fun and simple meditation that can be done at the doctor’s office, on your lunch break, before bed – almost anywhere! Use this mediation as often as you need. For a particularly upsetting situation, you may have to repeat it multiple times. Leave a comment if you enjoyed this meditation and let us know how it helped you!

Balloon Meditation for Emotional Release |
Balloon Meditation for Emotional Release |
Balloon Meditation for Emotional Release |

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